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Managing your Pro subscription
Managing your Pro subscription
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Indy Pro helps you market and grow your independent business, and makes running it easier than ever.

Upgrading to Pro

To upgrade to Pro, click the 'Upgrade' button in the bottom left corner.

Note: If you're currently in a monthly plan and want to switch to annual (or vice versa), you can easily do so in Account settings > Your plan. You'll continue the remainder of your subscription up until the billing cycle ends before switching to the new subscription.

Downgrading from Pro

Access your subscription by clicking your avatar in the top right corner > Account settings > Your plan.

Click the 'Downgrade to Free' button to begin the downgrade process. You'll be asked to provide feedback on why you're downgrading. This information helps us improve and develop Indy.

Note: You'll keep Pro access until your billing cycle ends.

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