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When it comes to getting clients, proposals are a crucial part of the process. And while pitching clients consistently is important for avoiding those client “dry spells,” it can often feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to write a winning proposal.

Indy Proposals takes away the guesswork, giving you a simple structure that’s easy to follow, and helping you pitch clients in half the time!

Check out this short video to get started, or learn more down below.

Selecting your proposal type

On the Proposals page, click on the 'Create a proposal' button to get started.

💡 tip: you can easily create new proposals by clicking the 'New' button in the top navigation bar.

We have a growing library of vocation-specific templates to choose from — just click the proposal that matches your profession, or you can start with a blank canvas.

Building your proposal

The proposal builder is divided into three main areas: the navigation bar, the canvas area, and the settings panel.

The navigation bar

In this area, you have quick access to basic information about your proposal, the ability to return to the Proposals main page, and options to:

  • Add to a project

  • Preview

  • Review & send the proposal

  • Duplicate

  • Export to PDF

  • Mark as approved

  • Create an invoice

  • Save a proposal template

  • Archive

  • Delete

The canvas area

Here’s where you’ll do the bulk of your work to create your proposal. Give your proposal a title, add your logo and/or header image, and set an expiration date if needed.

The rest of the canvas is dedicated to adding your content.

The settings panel

In the settings panel, you can choose your content blocks and brand options, including color and custom font, and automations.

To add content blocks to the canvas, simply drag and drop them from the sidebar to the canvas area. Content blocks include:


The essential building block of your proposals is where all the valuable storytelling takes place.


Add visuals to your proposal to supplement your story.


Embed a song from SoundCloud or Spotify, a video from YouTube or Vimeo, a mood board from Pinterest, or your Calendly scheduler, to name a few.


Express how much time you expect each deliverable to take.


Use line items to give an approximate calculation of the cost of the project. You may add quantity and rate, select whether the item is taxable or not, and customize the headings to make them relevant to your project. You can even create multiple packages for your clients to choose from.

Pro tip: you can have your service automatically converted to an invoice. Learn more about automation here.

Line item templates 💎

To speed up your workflow, use line item templates to make proposal creation a breeze. Line item templates give you the power to save your items so you can quickly find and use them again in future proposals and invoices. This can save you a lot of time if you frequently charge for the same types of items.

💎 note: line item templates are only available in the Pro plans.

Scope of work

The scope of work brings together everything from work details to schedules, terms, and expected outcomes. Be as detailed as possible in this section because it not only defines exactly what should be done on a project but will also protect you from scope creep.

Pro tip: you can have your scope of work automatically added to a contract in Exhibit A. Learn more about automation here.


Need to make the proposal feel more official? Typically proposals aren't legally binding (that's the purpose of a contract), but we give you the option to collect an autograph if you need it.

Finishing your proposal

Once you’re all done creating your proposal, simply click the green button in the top right corner to continue to the next step.

💡 tip: make getting new business a breeze by saving your proposal as a template so you can easily reuse it in the future. The template will include content, formatting and customization, and any automations you’ve set up.

Click the 3-dot menu and select 'Save as a template' to streamline your workflow.

Sending your proposal

You have two options for sending your proposal: through the handy email interface on the send screen or with a shareable link.

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