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Using Tasks
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Get your to-dos, ta-done! Tasks help you manage all your tasks easily. Get a clear picture of what’s ahead with list and board views, and even keep tabs on your tasks from your calendar.

Watch our helpful video for an easy introduction to Tasks or learn more down below.

The tasks dashboard is divided into two main selections: list and board views.

List view

List view is a traditional to-do list — all your tasks will be presented in a list. You can select if you'd like your list to show all tasks, today's tasks, or tasks for the next 7 days. You can also quickly filter by projects, tags, and task types.

Adding new tasks and deliverables

Click the '+ New' button to add a new task or deliverable. Tasks and deliverables function the same and are used to organize to-do's.

Board view

Board view helps you see the big picture. It's a flexible way to organize your project tasks and visualize your progress.

Column workflows

The default columns in board view are To Do, In Progress, and Done. To add new columns click the '+' button that appears between the columns.

Note: Every project has its own board — when you create a project, a new board will become available for it. Each project board can have its own customized columns and workflow.

Column options

You can further customize your columns by clicking the 3-dot menu. Here you can select a color, rename the column. delete the column, or add an automation that marks all tasks as done if they're moved in that space.

Adding new tasks and deliverables

To add new tasks or deliverables, click the '+' buttons at the top-right or bottom of the columns.

Moving tasks

You can drag task cards between columns to progress along your workflow.

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