Click on the client whose profile you'd like to view. Once in the profile, you'll see an overview of that contact and the different ways you can interact with them on Indy.

A - Side Navigation

The tools in the side navigation give you a complete overview of all the projects, proposals, contracts, invoices, and files that have ever been shared with this person. You can also create new projects, invoices, files, and contracts by visiting each page.

B - Contact Type

Easily change a person's contact type as your relationship with them changes.

C - Chat

Start a new chat message, or go to an existing chat thread, with this contact.

D - Edit

Edit your client's information.

E - Menu/Delete

Hidden behind a screen of security, is the function to delete a contact.

F - Tool Widgets

While the side navigation shows you everything you've ever created with a contact, the widgets show you the most recent items.

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