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Projects are a helpful way to organize all items related to a project in one place.

Check out this short video to get started, or learn more down below.

On the Projects page, click on the 'Create a project' button to get started.

πŸ’‘ tip: you can easily create new projects by clicking the 'New' button in the top navigation bar.

You can create your project from scratch or use Indy's project template which comes set up with all the tools that are needed to manage projects from beginning to end.

Next, fill in the required fields (*), any additional fields, and your preferred icon to complete your project. Then click the 'Create' button to save your project.

Projects are collaborative spaces. Any contacts added to the project will receive email notifications when files are uploaded into a project or when chat messages are sent.

Managing your project

Once your project has been created, you can start managing your admin and tasks in the space. All items will be neatly organized in the project dashboard.

Show only what you need

Customize your project and show only the tools that are most relevant to your workflow.

You can also customize tool labels and reorder to your preference.

Collaboration in projects

Projects is an ideal tool for inviting your clients and collaborators into your workspace, enabling them to stay updated on the project's progress. However, please note that currently, Projects doesn't yet offer cross-collaboration features among project participants. This means that participants will only be able to see your tasks and files.

Managing Roles

You can set permission levels for the contacts you add to a project:

  • Admins have full access to project settings and can add/remove people. Admins will not have access to documents shared between you and your clients unless they've been given access.

  • Collaborators can view documents they were given access to, participate in the project chat, and see all project files. Collaborators can manage their own tasks and time tracks within the project.

  • Clients will be invited into the workspace where they can participate in the project chat, see all project files, and view shared documents when the Project Portal πŸ’Ž is enabled.

Note: the admin and collaborations permission levels are best suited when working with other Indy community members.

Setting up and enabling your portal πŸ’Ž

As a Pro feature, you can invite your clients into this workspace where they can stay aligned on tasks and deliverables, share files, and collaborate with real-time chats. This will allow you and your clients to work seamlessly throughout the lifetime of the project.

Choose what you want your clients to see

Access your portal settings to set up your client's workspace. Here, you can enable which tools you'd like them to have access to and you can even add a scheduling link so your clients can conveniently book time with you.

Make sure to write a welcoming message that your clients will see the first time they enter.

Enabling your portal

Once your project is set up, flip the switch to enable the portal.

Sharing your portal

Before sharing portal access with your clients, click the 'Preview' button to take a look at the project portal view from your client's perspective. Please note that the preview currently uses placeholder data.

Finally, click the 'Share' button to share your project portal with your client either via email or a link. πŸŽ‰

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