Use Chats to quickly connect with your clients — think of it as your home for communication and collaboration on Indy! And the best part....your clients don't need to be on Indy. They'll receive messages in an email, and they can respond to that email to send a message.

A - Chat Panel

Your chats panel lists all of your current chat conversations. Project chats are assigned to a specific project and include all members of that project. Direct messages are one-on-one conversations with individuals and/or groups.

B - Favorites

Easily favorite your most important chats. They will be repositioned to the top of your chat panel for easy access.

C - Start Project/View Project

Quickly start a new project from any of your individual chats or, if you're in a project chat already, go to the project overview page.

D - Search

Quickly run a search in any of your chats for messages or files. You can specify your search to find results in an individual chat or all your chats.

E - Chat Details

Chats details will give you a complete overview of everything related to a direct message or project chat. View the participants in the chat, any contracts or invoices that have been sent or assigned to a client or project, or any files that have been shared with a client or project.

F - Message Bar

Type your message here and begin chatting with your clients. You can tag any participants, drag and drop files to upload, or add emojis.

G - Chat View

Easily toggle between your chats and mentions. Chat view will give you a holistic view of all your messages while the mentions view will only show specific chats where your username has been tagged.

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