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Time is precious! With Calendar, you can schedule events and meetings, see what's due, and stay on top of your work. It even syncs with your Google Calendar so you can keep your most important work events in one place.

Watch our helpful video for an easy introduction to Calendar or learn more down below.

The calendar dashboard is divided into two main areas: the navigation bar and the calendar area.

The navigation bar

In this area, you'll be able to create new events by clicking the 'New event' button and access all your calendar settings:

  • change to daily, weekly, and monthly views

  • filter your calendar

  • change your calendar start day

  • sync Google Calendar πŸ’Ž

πŸ’Ž note: the Google Calendar integration is only available in the Pro plans. You can learn more about the integration here.

The calendar area

You will find your events, due dates for invoice payments, accepted contract dates, tasks with due dates, and even the time tracked for each day in the calendar area. It is the perfect way for you to stay focused on your most important items for the day.

You can easily create new events by clicking inside the calendar, or add tasks when in day view.

Note: The calendar area will change depending on which view you are using.

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