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Create reusable messages that you can easily apply when sending a document or file to your clients or collaborators. We've provided some starter templates that you can edit, or start from scratch by creating new ones.

Access your message templates by clicking your avatar in the top right corner and selecting 'Account settings'.

Then select the 'Message templates' tab in the left panel to manage your canned email responses.

Creating new templates

Create new templates by clicking the '+ Create a message' template button.

Using smart fields

Enhance your email game with the magic of smart fields! Imagine smart fields as friendly placeholders you sprinkle into your emails and message templates. Watch them work their charm by automatically filling in information, making it a breeze to send warm and personalized emails to your clients.

When creating a new message template (or managing existing ones), click on any of the 'Add smart field' buttons to bring up a list of available properties.

Or conveniently add them inside the editor by typing double curly brackets '{{'.

That's it! When it's time to send your next email, just sit back and relax as smart fields work their magic.

You can also easily add smart fields to your emails in real-time when sending invoices, contracts, or proposals.

Managing existing templates

You can edit or delete the existing templates by clicking the 3-dot menu.

Placeholder text (indicated as -TEXT-) in the starter templates will not automatically fill in with data. You will need to fill this in when sending out emails.

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