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Creating a recurring invoice series
Creating a recurring invoice series
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Available as a Pro feature, recurring invoice series help take the fuss out of invoice creation for your retainer clients. You can create a recurring series by clicking the 'Create invoice' button in the Invoices Dashboard.

The recurring invoice builder is the same as the builder for single invoices, except for the scheduling features in the settings panel. Learn more about creating an invoice here.

Scheduling your series

After you've filled out your invoice, it's time to set the schedule for your recurring series. To begin, simply click the "Recurring schedule" button in the Settings panel.

Here's where you'll choose the frequency, when you’d like the series to stop running, and when you want the first invoice to generate. You can choose between manual and automatic sending, depending on how you want to communicate with your client.

Note: You can change these settings at any time by editing the series.

Setting your email message

Next, click the "Set email message" button in the settings panel to personalize the email your recipients will receive with each new invoice.

Activating your recurring invoice series

Once you’re all done setting up your recurring series, click the green "Set active" button.

Sending is determined by the scheduling options you selected above. If you choose the automatic option, invoices will generate and send automatically. If you choose the manual option, invoices are drafted and you will need to manually send invoices after they generate.

Reminder: Recurring invoice series is a Pro feature — upgrade today to put your invoices on repeat.

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