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Adding your business information
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Adding your business information makes document creation a breeze! The information you add here will automatically apply to every new document you create. You can override your choices in individual documents as needed.

Check out this short video to get started, or learn more down below.

Access your business info by clicking your avatar in the top right corner and then selecting 'Account settings'.

Next, hover over the 'Your business' tile and click the 'Edit business info' button when it appears.

Fill in your business name and address, your legal name (your first and last name as it appears on government documents), job title, phone number, and website. Last, click save and you're all set up! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’‘Pro tip: Your branded contact information is displayed on any client-facing project portals you've enabled (available with Pro πŸ’Ž).

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