What is Beta?

Have you seen a feature with the Beta tag? That means it may not be done cooking yet, but we wanted to give you the chance to try it out.

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Features in the Beta program are being actively worked on but are available for users to try while we refine them.

This isn’t a promise that these features will be released right away...or at all. But sometimes we want to share them with you and receive your feedback to make sure we’re making things the right way and making the right things.

If all goes well and a feature leaves Beta, it could become part of either the Free or Pro suites.

Designs that do make it into the product as permanent fixtures may be modified in their final version from what you see when they’re in Beta; your feedback can influence these changes.

Your feedback matters

Your feedback is always important, but it’s very important for features in Beta, as we’re still deciding if we want to invest in them long term. Letting us know if you like them (or don’t) helps us make that decision a lot faster!

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