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Connecting to others on the Indy Network
Connecting to others on the Indy Network
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The Network is an Indy community feature designed to help community members connect and communicate with each other. Independence doesn’t mean you always have to work alone, and building professional relationships both within and outside your specialty can mean business opportunities, new tricks of the trade, and more.

Set up your profile

The first step is to create your profile.

To create your profile, go to the Network tab at the very top of your Indy navigation bar. Once you’re on the Network page, you should see a “Create profile” button on the right-hand side.

Fill out your profile step by step on the following page. You can include as much or as little as you want, but we recommend checking out our Profile Guidelines Help Center article so your profile has the best chance of getting you noticed.

Once you’ve hit all the requirements and are happy with your portfolio, hit “Publish” to get started networking.

Connect and chat

Every profile has a “Connect and chat” button that can be used to add another Indy user to your network. Once connected, you’ll be able to talk shop, share leads, or even collaborate.

Accept or decline

Once you send a “Connect and chat” request, you’ll have to wait for the other user to approve the connection. Afterwards, the two of you will be able to communicate directly!

You may also receive connection requests from other users. It’s up to your discretion whether to connect or not. Check to see if you have any requests by going to your “People” tab.

Where to find your connections

Locate your connections any time by going to “People” in your Workspace. Connections are different from contacts.

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