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Proposals use minimal style formatting options that can be revealed when hovering over a content block or highlighting a block of text.

Content block management

Content blocks can easily be rearranged or deleted. Simply hover over the content block and:

  1. hold and drag the 6-dot icon to rearrange the block.

  2. click the trash can to delete a block.

If you don't see the management options when hovering over the content block, try decreasing the browser zoom. Anything greater than 100% will break Indy's formatting

Text formatting bar

The text formatting bar will display when you highlight the text you want to format.

Additionally, the system also accepts a combination of common hotkeys such as:

  • tab to indent

  • shift+tab to outdent

  • hyphen+space to begin a bulleted list

  • number+space to create a numbered list

  • command+b to bold

  • command+i to italicize

  • command+u to underline

  • command+z to undo in the content block you're currently in

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