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Everything you need to know about collaborating using Chats

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Chats are a great way to keep the conversation going, keep all information in one place, and maintain a record of the conversation for easy reference.

How conversations work in Indy

When you send a chat message, your clients and collaborators will receive the messages in an email notification. To keep the conversation flowing, your contacts can:

  • Reply to the chat email and the message will be relayed back to your chat thread

  • Message you directly from a project portal's chat

  • Send you a direct message if they are also on Indy

Chats inside a project

Every project you create contains a project chat thread that allows you to keep information organized and in the context of your projects.

With Pro, you can bring your clients into the conversation with real-time chats when a Project Portal is enabled πŸ’Ž. Your clients don't have to register an account on Indy to use a project chat or the rest of the portal features.

What you see

What your clients see when the Project Portal is enabled πŸ’Ž

Direct chats

Project chats aren't the only way to make use of the conversations inside Indy. You can directly message your contacts outside of a project.

Direct chats use a different, global view of all your chat threads. You can easily access these via the top "Chats" tab.

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