Using project statuses
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Project statuses let you track your progress toward completing a project. Every step of the way, you'll have total visibility over the status of the project so that you can plan accordingly.

Setting up your statuses

Indy's default statuses are Active, To Do, and Done but you can add additional status depending on your workflow.

To add more status, click the dropdown icon next to the project status when inside the project detail page and select 'Add a new status'.

You can also assign a color to each new status you create. This helps set up a visual representation of your progress. You can stick with one tonal color, or assign a different color to each stage. Think of this like a roadmap-it's easier to stay on track with everything laid out in a visually appealing way.

Changing statuses

As you move through the project, you'll need to change the status. This is where the power of project statuses comes in, keeping everything in one place! All you need to do is select the new status from the dropdown list, and the status will be updated. This allows you to keep everyone in the loop with the progress of the project.

Tracking project progress

There's a handy widget on the Projects dashboard that provides a complete overview of your work โ€” making your progress even easier to keep track of!

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