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Setting up and enabling the project portal
Setting up and enabling the project portal
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As a Pro feature, you can invite your clients into this workspace where they can stay aligned on tasks and deliverables, share files, and collaborate with real-time chats. This will allow you and your clients to work seamlessly throughout the lifetime of the project.

Choose what you want your clients to see

Access your portal settings to set up your client's workspace. Here, you can enable which tools you'd like them to have access to and, you can even add a scheduling link so your clients can conveniently book time with you.

Make sure to write a welcoming message that your clients will see the first time they enter.

Enabling your portal

Once your project is set up, flip the switch to enable the portal.

Note: your clients will not be automatically invited to the project portal once it has been enabled. You will need to grant them access either via email or a shareable link. You can learn more here.

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