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Changing the email address associated with your account
Changing the email address associated with your account
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Access your info by clicking your avatar in the top right corner and selecting 'Account settings'.

Hover over the 'Personal info' tile until an edit button appears.

Enter a new email address and save your changes.

You will need to verify the new email address. To ensure continued access to your account, we kindly suggest verifying your new email address at your earliest convenience. This will help you avoid any potential interruptions to your account.

If you created your account using Google sign-in, we recommend:

  1. Removing Indy as an authorized sign-in app in your Google security settings.

  2. Creating a password for your new email. Learn more here.

If Indy is not removed as an authorized app, you will still be able to sign in via Google using the old email and the new email.

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