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Creating a contract
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A lot can go wrong when working with clients, and the only person who can truly keep you protected…is you!

While contracts can feel daunting, they don’t need to be. Our legally vetted contracts have every clause you need to keep your time, your money, and your work protected so that no matter what happens, you’ll be ready for it.

Check out this short video to get started, or learn more down below.

On the Contract page, click on the 'Create a contract' button to get started.

Selecting your contract

You can create contracts using one of our lawyer-made templates or paste your own contract by selecting the 'Custom Contract' option.

Contract types and templates

Our professional templates cover the most important aspects of your business:

  • The Contractor project agreement helps you define the terms of service between you and another party. Whether you’re a photographer or a writer or any profession that requires a contract within a set project scope, you can customize it to fit your needs.

  • The Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) establishes a confidential relationship to protect intellectual property from being stolen or shared with competitors or other parties.

  • The Subcontractor agreement solidifies a business arrangement between you and a subcontractor you hire. Or if you’re the subcontractor, between you and the primary contractor. It includes payment terms.

Note: Indy's contract templates were created by lawyers, but Indy is not an attorney or law firm, nor a substitute for one. We cannot guarantee the legality of the contracts you create with our system and always recommend you consult a lawyer to ensure the contract meets your specific needs.

Once you've selected a contract type, click continue to preview the contract before filling out the contract details.

Filling out your contract

You'll be guided through a series of steps that will help you fill out the contract. As you fill in the details, they will automatically populate into the contract so you can see what everything looks like.

Customizing your contract

See something you want to change? You'll be able to completely customize your contract once you get to the last step in the builder.

Click the 'Switch to free-edit' button to make edits to the templated clauses and styling of the contract.

Note: you cannot return to the guided contract builder after you've entered the free-edit mode so ensure you complete each step correctly before switching.

Finally, click the green “Sign” button to add your signature to the contract.

Finishing your contract

Once you’re all done creating your contract, simply click the green “Review & send” button to continue to the next step.

Sending your contract

You have two options for sending your invoice — through Indy's email service or with a shareable link.

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